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Cheap Hotels in Hong Kong For Travelers on a Budget

Travelers on a budget can certainly find cheap hotels in Hong Kong these days. Not everything in this city is as expensive as the Peninsula Hotel or the Landmark Oriental Hotel, which are both above $400 a night.

Budget travel is nothing new to Hong Kong, especially if you’re looking for a cheap Mongkok hotel. You can easily find a cheap room in Mongkok, most of them in Chung King Mansions on 40 Nathan Rd. Amazingly, there are more than ten cheap guesthouses or hotels on different floors of this building running from$20-$40 a night. That is about as cheap a hotel as you can get in this amazing city. I can vouch for the Dragon Inn as having great service and clean rooms. The kindly manager, a sweet older lady, told me I would have paid less if I had booked online as opposed to walking in like I did. Travelers on a budget will love it. And, if you’re claustrophobic, Mongkok may make you freak out as it is like being in an ant colony, even late at night. It’s one of the densest parts of Hong Kong but after a day you should feel fine, as you will find it is pretty tightly packed anywhere you go, here. That’s one thing that adds to it’s wonder and uniqueness.

If you are traveler on a budget of $150 or less looking for what you regard as cheap hotels in Hong Kong, the Novotel Citygate Hotel right by the airport and the L’Causeway Bay Harbour View Hotel (which has great views, of course, and plenty of shopping nearby) both get good reviews.

While you are here, do not forget to visit the famous Hong Kong escalators running more than 800 meters on Hong Kong Island which start in the financial district and go up to the expensive houses and apartments with great views of the bay. They are the longest vertical system of escalators in the world and astounding to see and fun to ride. It’s a free activity so especially fits those travelers on a budget looking for cheap hotels in Hong Kong.